Senate District Original Art POSTER CONTEST

Many are we that make up our Republican party in the proud State of Texas.  Our communities are vast, the regions diverse, and still we come together as Republicans and work to further the good of Texas and our great nation.  To celebrate our unique Senate Districts and our collective conservative values we invite each SD to commission a local artist in your area to design an original poster reflective of your SD communities – your people, culture, life and places.  Let your work of art reflect you, your neighbors and what makes where you live special.  Have fun with it!  Showcase your SD! Build community, goodwill and connect through the Arts in your area!

Senate District Original Art POSTER CONTEST Official Entry Form

ELIGIBILITY: This contest is open for anyone within Senatorial District 25 to submit an entry.  If artist is under 18, a Parent or Legal Guardian’s signature will be required.

ENTRIES PER SENATE DISTRICT: Entries limited to ONE submission per Artist and per Senate District.

SUBMITTING YOUR ENTRY: Original Posters may be mailed or delivered by Friday, May 25, 2018 to:

Republican Party of Bexar County * 909 NE Loop 410  Suite #514 * San Antonio, TX 78209

DESIGN: Poster design must reflect our convention theme “Texas, Our Texas” and have your SD number.

FORMATTING: All posters must be original art.  Entries are limited to a maximum of 18 x 24 inches and a minimum of 11 x 17 inches.  Poster Entry may be submitted on Canvas, Poster Board, or Coroplast material.  Artwork should have the Artist Signature on the front of poster.  Along with the poster please submit a brief Bio of the Artist and a short descriptive paragraph about the artwork.

DISPLAY:  Entry should be ready to be displayed with a wire or hook on back. The Party encourages each SD delegation to voluntarily chaperone their entry during the convention to encourage voting for your entry. We also suggest you invite the Artist to stand by their submission and meet the delegates.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES:    Poster Contest entries must be received by  4:30p.m. on Friday, May 25, 2018.