Republican’s Stand for Life

RepubliFact #3 of how ever many it takes to right the left

Ask anyone which of our country’s two primary political parties stands for the lives of the unborn and said anyone will rightly choose the right side of the aisle. Republicans have upheld the sanctity of life since the GOP itself drew its first breaths in the days of Mr. Lincoln. Abe made it clear where he stood on the lives of the enslaved, and today surely would be supporting the lives of the in utero.

What does life support on the left side of the aisle look like? In masking the birth of a child as the making of a choice, not nearly as supportive. Curiously — calculatingly — on the heels of spectacular defeats in recent special US House races, and with congressional mid-term elections fast-approaching, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it won’t consider a Dem candidate’s stance on abortion when choosing who to back on the campaign trail. How’s that again?

In one breath, the DCCC overlooking its very own anti-life tenet may give an added breath to life. Too, however a Dem candidate makes it through the DCCC’s unsteady vetting, it’s hardly as if the committee’s backing is the Golden Ticket – right, Hillary?

Fiction: The Democratic Party sticks with its true beliefs, even when the political winds are in its face.

Fact – well, wait, RepubliFact: Republicans stand for life, have always stood for life, and will always stand for life — no matter which way the wind blows.

Buckle up, this could be a while…

Robert Stovall
Republican Party of Bexar County