Texas Emergency Disaster Resources

 Bexar County Resources    FEMA o   Resources To help people affected by the storm, visit @nvoad’s page for a listed of trusted organizations: https://www.nvoad.org/ To find family & friends or to register yourself as safe, visit the @americanredcross Safe & Well site: https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/ To report a missing child, contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-866-908-9570 To… Read More Texas Emergency Disaster Resources

Democrat-driven Deceptions

RepubliFact 4 Here’s RepubliFact Number 4, part of the Republican Party of Bexar County’s ongoing work to push back against liberal media bias and Democrat-driven deceptions.   The Whole Truth Did you catch the Left Media’s jab a week or so ago on a poll showing a descent in approval ratings? Just reading CNN’s barbed blurb,… Read More Democrat-driven Deceptions

Former Vice Chair Becomes Assistant Secretary at HUD

    Earlier this year President Trump nominated RPBC former Vice Chair Anna Maria Farias to serve in his administration at HUD. I am thrilled to announce  she was confirmed by the full Senate and sworn in August 10, 2017 by Secretary Ben Carson. She will serve as the Assistant Secretary in the Office of Fair… Read More Former Vice Chair Becomes Assistant Secretary at HUD

Republican’s Stand for Life

RepubliFact #3 of how ever many it takes to right the left Ask anyone which of our country’s two primary political parties stands for the lives of the unborn and said anyone will rightly choose the right side of the aisle. Republicans have upheld the sanctity of life since the GOP itself drew its first… Read More Republican’s Stand for Life

RepubliFact Number 2

Revisiting Redistricting Dems would have us believe redistricting is a process hallowed in the Constitution. Not so, we Republicans know the nation’s owners manual makes not a mention of congressional districts. The Constitution does spell out the formula for how many representatives each state can send to the nation’s capital. At bottom, the more people a… Read More RepubliFact Number 2