Let’s Not Elect a Polarizing Partisan Hack as San Antonio’s Next Mayor

Some sixty years ago the good citizens of San Antonio adopted the non-partisan council-manager form of government. With this in place, we, the voters, select a city council in a non-partisan manner and the council selects the city manager.

In the ensuing decades we have voted to change the charter any number of times to fit the growth and progress of our city, such as allowing the direct election of the mayor and the creation of single-member districts. These and all changes have left the non-partisanship aspect intact.

Other major cities like Detroit, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago have chosen political party representation. No coincidence, all of these cities being Democrat-heavy and heavily in debt (if not downright corrupt).

In San Antonio’s May election, Bexar County’s Democratic Party chairman is seeking to change San Antonio into one of these badly-run city operations. Two years ago he even suggested that all council candidates be cleared by him and his party cronies. I believe electing him mayor would be in the worst interest of the council-manager government we have enjoyed during these past 60-some years.

Before the current city charter was adopted, San Antonio was completely dependent on our military installations for economic survival (and several of those bases had placed the city on “Off Limits” status for military personnel). Our sanitation rules were obsolete, streets were neglected, curbing and sidewalks were not required.

Charter government brought us UTSA, UT Health Science Center, University Hospital, Hemisfair, modern air transport facilities. These and many other charter-driven successes led us into the 21st century — and as the seventh largest city in the U.S. at that. We still love our attachment to our military family, and we love the welcome addition of tourism, medical facilities, and industry to our robust economy.

Let’s elect NOT to hack away at all these accomplishments.


Chairman Robert Stovall
Republican Party of Bexar County