Democrat-driven Deceptions

RepubliFact 4

Here’s RepubliFact Number 4, part of the Republican Party of Bexar County’s ongoing work to push back against liberal media bias and Democrat-driven deceptions.


The Whole Truth

Did you catch the Left Media’s jab a week or so ago on a poll showing a descent in approval ratings?

Just reading CNN’s barbed blurb, one could come away alarmed:

“Enthusiasm breaks against Trump by a 2-to-1 margin.”

“Personal praise for the President is scarce…”

No word on enthusiasm or personal praise for CNN…

In any event, we on the Right know to look behind the curtain, and what we find on this poll are some 42 pages of data waiting in the wings.

To wit: Poll Question 7 – How well are things going in the country? Well, the “Very Well” category for the week of 8/3 tops all but two of the 20-plus weeks polled over Obama’s second term. (There was one tie, and one minor upstaging late last October, with respondents likely giving the soon-to-be former president a pat on the back.) And where, asks you, was “Very Well” at about this point in Obama’s second term? Less than half that of where it is in President Trump’s term, answers the polling data.

The CNN hit piece obtusely hints at the positive in a left-handed compliment sort of way:

“Still, these tepid ratings come even as most Americans feel things in the country are going well…” But be certain, Wolf Blitzer’s Mother Ship certainly doesn’t provide the comparison noted above, nor does it note that the “Very Well” number has gone up in each of the three weeks posted over President Trump’s brief tenure.

Fact – yes, RepubliFact4: Polling data can be cherry-picked (hey, is that what the C in CNN stands for?) to bolster a preordained agenda, but it takes more than crust to make a cherry pie.

*Grab a piece of pie, this could take a while…

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