Learn about the Candidates

Here is a table with campaign information to help you research and learn more about the Republican Primary Candidates.

Office Sought Ballot Name Ballot Position Email Webpage
U. S. Senator Geraldine Sam 1
Stefano de Stefano 2 www.stefanofortexas.com
Ted Cruz 3 ted@tedcruz.org www.tedcruz.org
Mary Miller 4 marysenate2018@gmail.com www.maryusa.org/
Bruce Jacobson, Jr. 5 brucefortexas@gmail.com www.brucefortexas.com
U. S. Representative District 21 William Negley 1 william@negleyforcongress.com www.negleyforcongress.com
Samuel Temple 2 SamuelRTemple@gmail.com votetemple.com/
Autry J. Pruitt 3 autry@autryfortexas.com autryfortexas.com/
Foster Hagen 4 Campaign@FosterHagen.com fosterhagen.com/
Ryan Krause 5 ryan@krause4u.com www.krause4u.com
Anthony J. White 6 anthonyjwhiteforcongress@gmail.com twitter.com/tonywhiteusmc
Chip Roy 7 chip@chiproy.com www.chiproy.com
Jason Isaac 8 Team@IsaacForTexas.com www.isaacfortexas.com/
Francisco “Quico” Canseco 9 fquico@yahoo.com canseco4congress.com/
Matt McCall 10 info@votemattmccall.com votemattmccall.com/
Jenifer Sarver 11 jenifer@sarverfortexas.com sarverfortexas.com/
Susan Narvaiz 12 info@susanforcongress.com www.susanforcongress.com/
Mauro Garza 13 maurogarza@maurogarzaforcongress.com maurogarzaforcongress.com
Peggy Wardlaw 14 peggy@votepeggy.com votepeggy.com
Ivan Andarza www.voteandarza.com/
Al M. Poteet 16 Info@PoteetForCongress.com poteetforcongress.com
Eric Burkhart 17 mainzac1@gmail.com www.burkhart2018.com
Robert Stovall 18 campaign@robertstovall.com www.robertstovall.com
U. S. Representative District 23 Alma Arredondo-Lynch 1 uvaldedr1@att.net www.dralma2018.com
Will Hurd 2 will@hurdforcongress.com www.hurdforcongress.com/
U. S. Representative District 35 Sherrill Kenneth (SK) Alexander 1 campaign@skforcongress.com www.skforcongress.com
David Smalling 2 info@davidsmallingforcongress.com www.davidsmallingforcongress.com
Governor SECEDE Kilgore 1 secede@secedekilgore.com secedekilgore.com/
Barbara Krueger 2 barbkrueger@yahoo.com
Greg Abbott 3 info@gregabbott.com www.gregabbott.com/
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick 1 logan@danpatrick.org danpatrick.org/
Scott Milder 2 scott@scottmilder4txlg.com www.scottmilder4txlg.com/
Attorney General Ken Paxton info@KenPaxton.com kenpaxton.com/
Comptroller of Public Accounts Glenn Hegar glennhegar@yahoo.com glennhegar.com/
Commissioner of the General Land Office Davey Edwards 1 davey4texas@gmail.com daveyfortexas.com/
Rick Range 2 rickrange702@yahoo.com rickrange.us/
George P. Bush 3 teamp@georgepfortexas.com www.georgepfortexas.org/
Jerry Patterson 4 jerrypattersonfortexas@gmail.com www.votepatterson.com/
Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller 1 millerfortexas@gmail.com www.millerfortexas.com/
Jim Hogan 2 jim.hogan51@yahoo.com
Trey Blocker 3 trey@treyblocker.com treyblocker.com/
Railroad Commissioner Weston Martinez 1 info@westonfortexas.com westonfortexas.com/
Christi Craddick 2 info@christicraddick.com www.christicraddick.com/
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2 Jimmy Blacklock www.jimmyblacklock.com/
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4 John Devine johndevine1@mac.com devineforsupremecourt.com/
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6 Jeff Brown info@justicejeffbrown.com www.justicejeffbrown.com/
Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals David Bridges 1 judgeDLB@msn.com electbridges.com/
Sharon Keller 2 judgesharonkeller@gmail.com www.judgesharonkeller.com
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7 Barbara Parker Hervey www.reelectjudgehervey.com/
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8 Michelle Slaughter 1 405thjudge@gmail.com judgemichelleslaughter.com/
Dib Waldrip 2 dibwaldrip@att.net judgedibwaldrip.com/
Jay Brandon 3 jaybrandonlawyer@gmail.com www.jaybrandonforjudge.org/
State Senator, District 25 Shannon K. McClendon 1 shannon@shannon4senate.com shannon4senate.com/
Donna Campbell 2 www.donnacampbell.com/
State Representative District 116 Fernando Padron info@voteforpadron.com
State Representative District 117 Michael Berlanga 1 michael@re-now.net www.LikeMike117.com
Carlos Antonio Raymond 2 survivor0253@aol.com
State Representative District 118 John Lujan john.lujan@ylconsulting.com
State Representative District 120 Ronald Payne
State Representative District 121 Charlotte Williamson 1 charlottew198@yahoo.com  www.CharlotteWilliamsonForTexas.com
Adrian Spears 2 adrian@sierraspears.com  www.gospearsgo.com
Matt Beebe 3 matt@votebeebe.com  www.votebeebe.com
Marc K. Whyte 4 mwhyte@whytepllc.com
Steve Allison 5 sallison@jeffersoncano.com stevefortexas.com
Carlton Soules 6 Csoules@sms-elections.com www.carltonsoules.com/
State Representative District 122 Chris Fails 1 chrisfails@aol.com chrisfails.org/
Lyle Larson 2 lyle@lylelarson.org www.lylelarson.org
State Representative District 124 Johnny S. Arredondo
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 2 Marialyn Barnard marialyn.barnard@gmail.com justicebarnard.com/#1
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 Jason Pulliam jason@jasonforjudge.com jasonforjudge.com/
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 4 Patrick Ballantyne justiceballantyne@gmail.com twitter.com/spballantyne
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 5 Rebecca Simmons rs@simmonsforjustice.com simmonsforjustice.com/
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 7 Shane Stolarczyk shane@shane4justice.com www.shane4justice.com
District Judge, 45th Judicial District Stephani Walsh www.facebook.com/stephani.walsh.9
District Judge, 144th Judicial District Lorina Rummel JLRummel@sbcglobal.net www.lorinarummelforjudge.com/
District Judge, 150th Judicial District Renee Yanta renee.yanta@gmail.com keepjudgerenee.com/
District Judge, 186th Judicial District Jefferson Moore campaign@electjeffersonmoore.com www.electjeffersonmoore.com/
District Judge, 187th Judicial District Karl Alexander 1 alexander.karl@sbcglobal.net www.karlalexanderforjudge.com/
Virginia E. Maurer 2 maurerlaw@live.com
Joey Contreras 3 joeycntrrs@yahoo.com www.joeycontrerasforjudge.com
Jan Ischy-Prins 4 Jan4Judge@gmail.com www.jan4judge.com/
Veronica I. Legarreta 5 vilegarreta@yahoo.com www.facebook.com/Veronica-Legarreta-for-187th-District-Court-Judge-303200196750160/
District Judge, 224th Judicial District Cathleen “Cathy” Stryker Cathystryker@yahoo.com www.facebook.com/Judge-Cathy-Stryker-296723994435/
District Judge, 226th Judicial District Libby Wiedermann 1 libby@libbyforjudge.com www.libbyforjudge.com
Kristen Mulliner 2 kristen@mulliner.com www.facebook.com/mullinerforjudge/
Todd McCray 3 htmcc@msn.com twitter.com/mccrayforjudge
David P. Martin 4 dmartinforjudge@yahoo.com  www.dmartinforjudge.com
District Judge, 227th Judicial District Kevin M. O’Connell koconnell92@yahoo.com
District Judge, 285th Judicial District Richard Price Judgerichardprice@yahoo.com
District Judge, 288th Judicial District Joseph P. Appelt 1 jpappelt@gmail.com www.facebook.com/pg/appeltforjudge/about/
Clint Lawson 2 clint@clintlawson.com www.clintlawsonforjudge.com
District Judge, 289th Judicial District Daphne Previti Austin dp@daphnepreviti.com electdaphne.com/
District Judge, 290th Judicial District Melisa Skinner skinner.melisa@gmail.com
District Judge, 436th Judicial District Lisa K. Jarrett lisajarrett436@aol.com judgejarrett.com/
District Judge, 437th Judicial District Lori I. Valenzuela lori@votevalenzuela.com www.votevalenzuela.com/
Criminal District Attorney Bexar County Tylden Shaeffer tylden@sbcglobal.net tyldenshaefferforda.com/
County Judge Tom Rickhoff
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.1 John D. Fleming II johnflem13@msn.com www.facebook.com/Re-Elect-Judge-John-D-Fleming-County-Court-1-209864411627/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.2 Jason Wolff keepjudgewolff@gmail.com
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.3 Ashley Foster 1 ashley@fosterlawcenter.com
Leslie Sachanowicz 2 les.law@hotmail.com www.lesforjudge.com/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.4 Jason R. Garrahan jason.garrahan@gmail.com www.judgegarrahan.com/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.5 Linda Molina 1 linda.molina@att.net www.lindamolinaforjudge.com
Julie Bray Patterson 2 julieforjudge5@gmail.com www.julieforjudge5.com/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.6 Wayne Christian judgewchristian@aol.com
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.7 Eugenia “Genie” Wright geniejwright@gmail.com www.facebook.com/judgeeugeniageniewright/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.8 Celeste Brown celeste@reelectjudgecelestebrown.com reelectjudgecelestebrown.com/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.9 Walden Shelton walden@wslaw.org www.facebook.com/judgeshelton/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.10 Karen Crouch www.karencrouch.com/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.11 Tommy Stolhandske www.facebook.com/tommy4cc11/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.12 Scott Roberts scott.roberts@bexar.org
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.13 Crystal Chandler crystal@judgecrystalchandler.com www.judgecrystalchandler.com/
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.14 Susan Skinner 1 susanskinnerlawyer@gmail.com www.facebook.com/susanskinnerforjudge/
Joseph Strickland 2 strickland4judge@gmail.com www.strickland4judge.com
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.15 Jessica Gonzalez 1 jessicagonzalezforjudge@gmail.com www.jessicagonzalezforjudge.com/
Bob Behrens 2 bobforjudge15@gmail.com reelectjudgebehrens.com/about-me/
Judge, County Probate Court-at-Law No.1 Kelly M. Cross 1 reelectjudgekellycross@gmail.com reelectjudgekellycross.com/
Anna Gordon Torres 2 anna@annatorreslaw.com www.annatorresforjudge.com
Judge, County Probate Court-at-Law No.2 Julie Hardaway 1 j.hardaway@att.net juliehardawayforjudge.com/
Laura D. Heard 2 lauraheard4judge@gmail.com votelauraheard.com/
Art Rossi 3 ajrossi@gmail.com www.artrossiforjustice.com
David G. Balmer 4 www.facebook.com/balmerforjudge/
District Clerk Donna Kay McKinney dkmck4dc@gmail.com www.facebook.com/McKinneyforDistrictClerk/
County Clerk Gerard C. “Gerry” Rickhoff grickhoff@bexar.org
County Commissioner Pct.2 Ismael Garcia 1 igarciasatx1109@gmail.com www.facebook.com/Elect-Ismael-Garcia-for-Bexar-County-Commissioner-Pct-2-195894447412391/
Theresa Connolly 2 tconnolly@grandecom.net
Justice of the Peace Pct.3 Place.1 Jeff Wentworth ejeffrey@swbell.net
County chair JoAnn Ponce Gonzalez 1 drjpgonzalez@satx.rr.com drjoannforchair.com/
Dwight Parscale 2 dwight@parscale.com
Andres Holliday 3 andres@salemsanantonio.com www.hollidayforcountychair.com/
Cynthia Brehm 4 sapoliticalgirl@gmail.com cynthiabrehm.com/